Theresa is a Mother

C. Fraser Press stars as Theresa McDermott

Theresa Is A Mother now available on Netflix!

Feature Film Theresa Is A Mother in Post Production.  Our most recent project is the feature film “Theresa is a Mother” produced by May Sky Entertainment.  We will be handling the editorial and color correction on the project.  The feature was shot on the RED One digital cinema camera in 4.5K and the footage looks great.

The RED Workflow for the feature:

The four terabytes of RAW camera files from the shoot were first transcoded to apple pro res proxy files for editing in Final Cut Pro. After all the footage was transcoded it was time to bring in the audio for syncing.  Not all audio files had matching time-code with the visuals.  We found that the old school way of using the slate for a sync point worked the best, thanks for clapping the slate guys!  This way we were not modifying the files in any way to make for easier match back later.



Once an in point for a clip was determined, we combine the audio and the visual clip. Also known as making a merged clip. That would go into a separate bin. Once a days worth of dailies had been synced up, usually with 8 total tracks of audio, we would then batch export the whole days worth of clips to generate new clips with matching time code. This would then “bake in” all the audio files together with the proper clips and would be sure of the clips audio sync integrity through out the editing process.
Upon exporting the new synced files, Final Cut would place “merged” in the file name. This merged file would not come into FCP until the word “merged” was removed from the file name. A quick trip into automator to write a script to remove the offending word and place in a new folder, solved this problem nicely. Then import the new files into a new project that would be the working project for the edit.
The film will lastly be color graded in DaVinci Resolve. Doing the final grading in Resolve, it is fantastic to have access to the RAW camera data to really dial in the look of the film & help convey the story. We are now deep in the editing stage and will write another entry on color correction once we begin the finishing process.

For the latest information, including awards and screenings on this unique film, check out the web site



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