The Increasingly Soon Return of Todd Margaret



Remote Access Post recently completed editorial, graphics and color grade of The Increasingly Soon Return of Todd Margaret for IFC.  Editor Chad Smith worked in Final Cut X 10.2 for editorial, DaVinci Resolve 12 for color grade and After Effects CC 2016 for graphics.  Working with producer extraordinaire Debbie Harris-Balling the challenge we faced was to promote Season 3 of Todd Margaret without spoilers.  After Todd Margaret blew up the world at the end of Season 2, many people thought that there would never be a Season 3, including  creator David Cross.  So the writers needed to reinvent the world of Todd Margaret and with that new world came the spoilers.  After sketching out many scenarios of how to have a show with no clips of the show we are promoting, Debbie came up with the idea of David and Sharon discussing Todd Margaret Season 3 over a few beers.  Problem solved.

David Cross and Sharon Horgan

We shot with 3 ARRI Amira cameras at Terminal Bar in Williamsburg Brooklyn.  All cameras shot ProResHQ in ARRI Log-C.  All files were brought into FCPX and synced up into multi-cam clips for editing.  The Log-C code is baked into the metadata so when bringing the footage in, FCPX automatically placed an ARRI REC 709 LUT onto the files. So there is no moment of, why does everything look flat? Making the post stage that much more streamlined in FCPX.  Once we were at picture lock the show was exported to Resolve 12 for color correction and grading.

David Cross

The final show is David Cross and Sharon Horgan cutting each other up about all things Todd.  We also produced Season 1 and Season 2  packages to get viewers up to speed on where Todd is now.  Its a rocket ride recap.  Then some brief shots of Season 3 just to tease.  Sharon and David have such great chemistry together.  Once we finished the show we had a few gems on the cutting room floor that IFC decided to release as web extras.  Links Below.

Sharon Horgan

Sharon Horgan may be unfamiliar to a US audience, however this gifted comedian has got some other great shows in the can as well.  In 2006 Sharon was writer and star of Pulling. 2015 brought us Catastrophe a hit show based on true events.  Currently she is working on a new show for HBO entitled Divorce starring Sarah Jessica Parker.  We were so lucky to have her on our show!

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David Cross discusses the Love/Hate reception of Todd Margaret




Sharon Horgan and David Cross
David Cross and Sharon Horgan discuss molecular gastronomy in regards to Todd Margaret

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