Producer extraordinaire Debbie Harris from Girl-O-Rama worked with Remote Access Post to put together this behind the scenes look at the 6 hour Monty Python documentary airing on IFC in October.  Working with Python skits I have loved since childhood was so such a treat.  It was like re-mixing the Flying Circus.  Cutting the montages with speed ups and slow downs were much easier to achieve with Final Cut Pro 7.  A great addition to the toolset.  In the special we were able to use clips that did not make it into the 6 hour documentary.  We digitized the HDCAM masters directly into Final Cut Pro 7 using the Black Magic Extreme 3 card without a hitch.  Glad we got the new RAID 5 array  in place for that!  We also completed graphics for the job using a combination of After Effects and Photoshop.  Once we had picture lock a few shots were tweeked using Apple Color 1.5   What a great update to Final Cut Studio 3.  The fact that we can tweek speed change shots with out exporting and re-importing helps with work flow big time.

The project came out looking great.  We did two versions, one 25 min that was for airing on Sony HDCAM and a 9 min cutdown for iTunes.   The 9 Min. version is below.


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