The editing stage may be the most important part of your production. Story, flow, content, pacing, music, graphics; all these elements need to be brought together to tell the story effectively. It usually takes some creative problem solving along the way as well. Editing can make or break a project. With potentially hours of footage it helps to be as organized & efficient as possible. In addition to current software tools, I bring over 15 years experience as an editor in broadcast and film.  Work in session at the studio in vibrant uptown Kingston or chose to work with me remotely.

Remote video editing is a great way to leverage talent globally.  Many filmmakers are editing film remotely as well.  With robust online collaboration tools available for video and film post production workflows, producer, director and film editor can all be in different locations and work together efficiently.   One of my favorite online collaboration tools is Frame.IO  I can share a rough cut with producers and directors with realtime feedback, markers and comments.  All members of the team can view the cut at the same time in any web browser, tablet or phone.  Then I import the teams notes as markers into Final Cut Pro or Premiere Pro and jump to the spots that need revision quickly.  Now with Frame.IO version 2 you categorize your notes with #VO  #vfx and the like.  This is a big help when keeping larger projects on track.


Another collaboration tool I really like is Slack. With this free on-line service I can cut down email clutter on a project to just about zero. Slack is an instant messaging platform that enables teams to communicate in a open and efficient way.  To quote the website “Where work happens” Available for iOS, Android, tablet and any web browser.  With Slack I set up “Channels” for the different departments working on a project.  Editorial, Color Correction, Audio Mix, Graphics etc.  This keeps notes discreet to each department and keeps team communication orderly.  Slack also works in tandem with Frame.IO so once a comment is written on Frame.IO it is sent out to Slack with a thumbnail picture and timecode stamp for reference.  This makes the remote post production and revision process way more efficient.   With no long email strings that become a time suck to weed through.  Nice.


FCPX Icon 125

FCPX – Those who use it love the speed and agility of the app.  It is not the same software it was on release.  Apple has been steadily improving and broadening the toolset.  With the release of Final Cut 10.3 Apple has made big improvements with the way FCPX works with audio.  The introduction of audio lanes can provided faster workflow within FCPX, and facilitate a better hand off to ProTools for audio post when used with X2Pro.  The magnetic timeline update adds even more efficiency to an already streamlined workflow.  Also being able to build custom title treatments, transitions and effects in Motion 5 that can be further customized within FCPX is another compelling speed booster.  FCPX is extremely fast to work with and it has great organizational features not found in other edit systems.  FCPX streamlines workflows for RED, ALEXA, 4K, MXF, S-Log and DSLR source footage.  Final Cut Pro 7 is still a good tool for some jobs, like my favorite pair of sneakers, comfortable, a little old and perhaps not appropriate or every occasion.

Editing is also about using the right tool for the job.


Adobe_Premiere_Pro_CS6_IconPremiere Pro CC 2017 is being used more and more frequently by video post production houses. The integration with the rest of Adobe Suite is also a welcome feature. With After Effects heavy projects, this is our preferred NLE. With the dynamic link feature between the two applications makes it a no brainer.  Premiere Pro is also able to import Avid AAF files and play Avid media natively. It can be the best way to rescue your project from Avid! Our friends on the Windows side prefer this NLE when joining forces with Mac shops. It reads everything and is a great tool for collaboration with VFX as well. Some call it FCP8!


Get in touch and lets talk about your project!



Once the edit is complete, color correction is a great next step.  Currently I use DaVinci Resolve Studio for color grading and finishing.


Past projects include feature films, shorts, trailers & televisions specials in addition to corporate, web content and On-Air promos. I am fluent in all data centric post production workflows including RED EPIC/Scarlet, ARRI, DSLR, and XDCAM.


Edit suite is equipped with:

  • Final Cut Pro X
  • Premiere Pro CC 2017
  • DaVinci Resolve STUDIO 12.5
  • Adobe Creative Suite After Effects, Photoshop
  • Apple Motion
  • 8 Core Mac Pro
  • Flanders Scientific DM-250 OLED Color Critical Monitor
  • 55 Inch Sony 4K Client Monitor
  • 16TB RAID 5 Storage
  • Dynaudio AIR-15 Audio Monitors
  • Lava Lamp