Judd Hirsh and Kathryn Kates star in Small Miracles
Kathryn Kates and Judd Hirsh
















This series is based on best selling books “Small Miracles” written by Yitta Halberstam and Judith Leventhal.  The series was shot by Adrian Correia on RED Epic.  Director Moshe Mones wanted the series to have the look of a 50’s TV show.  With that esthetic in mind we pulled the color and and increased contrast.

Actor Scott Klavan grieves his son Jeremy Russial's death in "A Soldiers Note"
Actor Scott Klavan grieves his son Jeremy Russial’s death in “A Soldiers Note”












Director of Photography Adrien Correia supervised the first grading session and we got a look going.  Using DaVinci Resolve we were able to subtly change the contrast by using RGB information from the .R3D file and map it to a luma only output.

Mouse over still to see the before and after grade.TO view the












View the episodes and get more information at www.smallmiraclestv.com

Gianmarco Soresi
Actor Gianmarco Soresi stars in Episode 4 “Skin of his Teeth”

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