Is remote DaVinci Resolve 12 color correction right for your next project?  Color Correction can bring an entire project to the next level.  From balancing shots taken under less than perfect conditions, to matching interview angles or changing the focus of a shot, color grading is finishing.  Color correction can help pull the story out of the imaging by guiding the eye to narrative elements while muting distractions. The real power with color correction & grading is using multiple corrections within the same shot. Cooling down a window in the background while bringing up the luminance value on the face.  Softening the background while sharpening the foreground can go a long way in bringing the eye to narrative elements.

A color correction session can also provide noise reduction, image blow up & repositioning, and shot stabilization.  With DaVinci Resolve 12 we now have more powerful edit and compositing features including a new 3D keyer and multi-cam editing.  When doing compositing green screen work within DaVinci Resolve 12 we are taking advantage of the 32bit internal color space and get great results.  Many other special effects can also be applied with powerful Sapphire FX OFX Plug-In package.  New in version 10 is a custom builder app that enables more than one effect to be custom edited and then rolled into one efficient new plug-in that is applied with one click.

All while tweaking final results and keeping the project in broadcast safe.  Resolve 12 can also address HDR information when shooting with RED cameras. Shooting in HDR can achieve amazing imagery that needs to be processed in DaVinci Resolve to see the full benefit of the technology.

DaVinci Resolve 12 has a very broad toolset.  The motion tracker is very robust for power windows, especially with the new 3D tracking option. Resolves 32 bit float math end-to-end means great imaging.

Export Timelines from Avid, Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro 7 or FCPX and import them directly into Resolve 12 for finishing.

Below is the latest version of our Color Correction Reel including clips from Documentaries, Feature Films, Commercials and Music Videos.
Source material is RED RAW, BMDCC DNG, ARRI RAW, Canon C-Log, DSLR,

Contact me to see if remote Resolve 12 color correction is a good fit for your next project.

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